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Realm Academy is packed with curated learning paths that let you dive deep into any mobile dev niche. This just added RxJava learning path covers both RxJava 1 and 2, and the lessons from each should give you a solid RxJava footing whether you want to dabble in Rx on the side or are thinking about adopting it with a larger team.

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Watch talks from your favorite conferences

Conferences are a great way to learn, but even if you could attend them all many have multiple tracks! With conference videos hosted by Realm, you can catch the entire conference from your office, home, or even on the train. Get started with 360 AnDev 2017 videos - the full slate is hot off the press for your binge-watching pleasure!

360 AnDev Videos

Stay up on the latest in mobile dev

The mobile dev space is evolving at a breakneck pace and it’s important to stay up on the latest developments in language, architecture, and tooling! Don’t miss the latest talks when they come out, like this in-depth look at type safety and protocol buffers in Swift from Yusuke Kita at AltConf 2017!

Type-safe Web APIs with Protocol Buffers in Swift

Build for offline-first experiences

Follow the steps on this learning path to learn about the advantages of an offline-first development strategy for both developers and engineering managers. We’ll look generally at the difficulties of mobile networking, compare different solutions for implementing an offline-first architecture, and finally dive deep into how Realm makes for a reliable offline-first app experience with minimal development effort.

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Find Android-specific content

Find learning tailored for your platform of choice! If you’re an Android dev you won’t want to miss this post by Eric Maxwell exploring the differences between MVVM, MVP, and MVC in Android. Or if you’ve already ready it, click the Android icon below to see all the awesome Android content!

MVVM vs. MVP vs. MVC in Android

Find iOS-tailored content

Whatever mobile platform you’re working with, we’ve got learning tailored for you! Meghan Kane’s recent talk on Machine Learning in iOS recently caught fire, and we definitely recommend checking it out. Want more? Explore all the Apple content by clicking the icon below.

Machine Learning for iOS

Learn how to use Realm

Of course no mobile dev learning resource would be complete without covering Realm, even if we didn’t host it! Luckily we do, and regularly post tutorials from our own engineering teams! Been thinking about migrating to Realm but feel unsure about the best practices for it? We’ve got a tutorial for that!

Learn about migrating to Realm

Featured Learning Path: Programming Paradigms in iOS

Ios paradigms 1 *-Oriented Programming What if you don’t need to choose between OOP and FP after all? Graham Lee dives into how the two are deeply intertwined.
Ios paradigms 2 Practical Protocol-Oriented-Programming Shift your mindset from object-oriented to protocol-oriented programming with this talk full of practical examples.
Ios paradigms 3 Introduction to Protocol-Oriented MVVM Protocols can make your code more expressive and less-error prone than subclassing. See protocols at work with MVVM!
Ios paradigms 4 Practical Declarative Programming Discover functional declarative programming in this talk — compared against unfunctional, imperative code.
Ios paradigms 5 Object-Oriented Functional Programming Swift’s a functional language, in a sense. And it’s sure object-oriented. So how can we get the best of both?
Ios paradigms 6 Swift and the Legacy of Functional Programming But really, Swift isn’t as functional as we’d hope. Learn to balance Swift’s protocols with its functional influences.
Ios paradigms 7 Using Monads and Other Functional Paradigms in Practice Learn what Monads are, how to use them in Swift, and what they’ll do for your declarative code.
Ios paradigms 8 Best of Functional, Protocol, & Object-Oriented Programming Now that you’ve seen every paradigm under the sun, let’s bring it all together and write idiomatic, beautiful Swift.
Ios paradigms 9 Functional Reactive Awesomeness With Swift Functional Reactive programming is the future, argues Ash Furrow. Here’s your intro to it, with real-world examples.
Ios paradigms 10 Reactive Programming with RxSwift Get a practical lesson in reactive Swift code with the RxSwift library.

Learning Path: Advanced Swift

You know and use Swift but haven't quite unlocked it's full Swifty powers and leveled up to Swift Master... Look no further! This learning path brings together talks from some of the top Swift royalty that examine the best practices of writing and using Swift, and dives deep into Swift language subtopics like Type-Safety, Operators, and more.More >

Learning Path: Kotlin in Depth

Kotlin's blown up in popularity over the last year, and we're here to introduce you to it. From building a sample app to learning how it interacts with the JVM, these talks will bring you into the future of Android development.More >

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