Learning Path: Understanding Realm

If you use Realm and find it useful, you must be wondering how it does things differently. In this learning path, we dive deep into Realm’s inner workings and architecture so that you can become a real power user.

A Look Into Realm’s Core DB Engine

Realm’s code database is written from scratch in C++. Learn why it’s so fast and efficient.

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Binary trees are at the core of Realm’s architecture, so we made an incredibly fast binary search. See how.

Designing a Database: Realm Threading Deep Dive

Learn about Realm’s architecture and how we handle threading when dealing with Realm data.

Best Practices & Pain Points in Mobile Networking: REST API Failure Situations

RESTful APIs and mobile apps need to talk, but it’s never easy or resilient. Learn how to avoid mobile networking pains.

Reactive Apps: How to Build More Engaging Mobile Experiences

Realm and reactive work really well together. And your users will love the features you can build, too.

Crafting Reactive Apps with Realm Platform

An in-depth dive into how to use Realm to build great reactive apps, including use case examples.

Eventually Consistent: How to Make a Mobile-First Distributed System

The CAP theorem constrains every distributed system. See how we chose the best tradeoffs for mobile.

Crafting Collaborative Apps with Realm

Now that you can craft reactive apps, it’s time to bring real-time collaboration into the picture with Realm too.

Next Up: Understanding Realm #1: A Look Into Realm's Core DB Engine

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Realm Team

At Realm, our mission is to help developers build better apps faster. We provide a unique set of tools and platform technologies designed to make it easy for developers to build apps with sophisticated, powerful features — things like realtime collaboration, augmented reality, live data synchronization, offline experiences, messaging, and more.

Everything we build is developed with an eye toward enabling developers for what we believe the mobile internet evolves into — an open network of billions of users and trillions of devices, and realtime interactivity across them all.

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