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Building a Todo App with React Native, Swagger, & Couchbase

React Native lets you build cross-platform mobile apps using only JavaScript. Couchbase Mobile enables storing data offline and syncing across devices. In this talk we’ll show how to build a “todo” list application that makes use of both. We’ll do this using a JavaScript client built automatically by Swagger. Swagger is a powerful API framework that generates documentation, creates sandboxes, and can generate client SDKs in 40 languages. Attendees will leave with practical knowledge of how to build a complete “offline first” cross-platform mobile experience.

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About the content

This talk was delivered live in April 2017 at Droidcon Boston. The video was recorded, produced, and transcribed by Realm, and is published here with the permission of the conference organizers.

Hod Greeley

Hod is a Developer Advocate for Couchbase, living in Silicon Valley. He has over two decades of experience as a software engineer and engineering manager. He has worked in a variety of software fields, focusing on mobile for the last seven. Prior to joining Couchbase in 2016, Hod led developer relations for mobile at Samsung.

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