Learning Path: Lessons in RxJava

RxJava has been growing in popularity and can offer more stable and maintainable code, but it comes with a high learning curve and tradeoffs. This learning path covers both RxJava 1 and 2, but the lessons from both should give you a solid RxJava footing whether you want to dabble in Rx on the side or are thinking about adopting it with a larger team.

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1. Intro to RxJava

No prior Rx knowledge is assumed for this great intro to RxJava by Christina Lee.

2. RxJava for the Rest of Us

Avoid common RxJava mistakes with some practical lessons we can all benefit from, from Hugo Visser.

3. Functional on Android: Lambdas, Rx, and Streams

Eric Kok examines RxJava within the larger context of functional programming - get the big picture.

4. Adopting RxJava on Airbnb Android

This talk by Felipe Lima hearkens back to RxJava 1, but includes valuable lessons for any larger teams considering adopting RxJava 1 or 2.

5. Exploring RxJava 2 for Android

Dive into RxJava 2 with the master himself, Jake Wharton, who here examines the differences between RxJava 1 and 2, and the larger thinking behind reactive programming.

6. Practical RxJava with an Air Cannon

Bringing it back to earth after the 10,000 foot views, Nicholas DiPatri demos a practical RxJava example with -yes, really- an IoT air cannon.

7. RxJava by Example - Multicasting

Kaushik Gopal dives deep into Multicasting, to help you reuse as much of your Rx work as possible across your app.

8. Rxify: Complex RxJava Operators

Take another deep dive, this time with Garima Jain on Operators in RxJava.

9. Advanced RxJava Through Concrete Examples

Wrapping up this learning path with some advanced concepts, Jag Saund goes deep but keeps his examples grounded in a practical use case.

Next Up: RxJava #1 – Intro to RxJava

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