Be Like Water: Keeping up with Android

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The one constant of working in mobile is change, which honestly can suck. You spend time learning a framework inside-and-out and then there’s a new thing that all the cool kids use now or conventions get up-ended or functionality becomes deprecated or just breaks. It happens and in Android it happens all the time. Change is good: it’s technology progressing and improving. The hard part is adapting without feeling frustrated or left behind. In this talk I’d like to share with you some of my stories, struggles, and strategies for going with the flow, keeping up, and embracing change without going crazy in Android.

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Huyen Tue Dao

Huyen Tue Dao is an Android developer and Google Developer Expert, currently working on the Trello Android app at Atlasssian. She is also co-creator of the “Android Dialogs” YouTube channel. Huyen lives in Denver, CO though is often found in the DC Metro area. When she is not up late programming, she is often found up late gaming (video, board, card, anything).