Learning Path: Realm for Android

If you’ve wondered why people are using Realm for their Android apps, look no further. These talks and posts start you off with the power and simplicity of the Realm Database, then move on to showing you how to sync data with the Realm Platform.

Building Realm Add-ons for Android

Your app need to be more than just a database – Learn how to use some of Realm’s pre-built UI components to jumpstart your Android app with Realm!

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Building an Animated To-Do List With Realm

Get started with a simple animated to-do list app using Realm Android and be up and running in no time!

Building an Android Search Controller

Going in depth with Realm add-ons, we’ll examine incorporating Realm’s Android Search Controller into your app.

Building an Android Clustered Map View

Up next is another great add-on from Realm - a pre-built clustered map view! See how easy it is to drop it into your app.

Building a Grid Layout With RecyclerView and Realm

The last Realm add-on we’ll explore before diving into other best practices is the RecyclerView.

Migrations with Synced Realms

If you’re moving to Realm from an existing app using Core Data, migration is easy with these best practices.

Safe vs Deep Integration of Realm

Compare benefits of two different ways to incorporate Realm into Android apps: Safe Integration and Deep Integration.

Uni-Directional Architecture on Android Using Realm

Step into advanced territory with unidirectional data flow architecture, and look at how it integrates with Realm Android.

Realm Primary Keys Tutorial

Realm primary keys allow granular fetching of Realm objects – See how easy they are to set up in this tutorial.

Next Up: Realm for Android #1: Building Realm Add-ons for Android

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At Realm, our mission is to help developers build better apps faster. We provide a unique set of tools and platform technologies designed to make it easy for developers to build apps with sophisticated, powerful features — things like realtime collaboration, augmented reality, live data synchronization, offline experiences, messaging, and more.

Everything we build is developed with an eye toward enabling developers for what we believe the mobile internet evolves into — an open network of billions of users and trillions of devices, and realtime interactivity across them all.

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