Learning Path: Mobile Architectures Explored

It can be hard to commit to any real architectural choices or to just stick with whatever you’re most comfortable with, but it’s important to carefully choose the best architectural solution for your use case. This learning path will guide you to make informed architectural decisions, first with a general overview of software architecture and then with several examples from large companies adoptions of specific architectures.

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Evolution in Action: Software Architecture as Systems Dissolve

The way we build systems is changing. Start with this brief history of software architecture that progresses to an overview of the current state and best practices of architecture.

Architectural Superpowers

Let’s drill down to mobile architecture specifically with this talk exploring good architectural practices for mobile apps.

Visualize, Document, and Explore Your Software Architecture

Before you pick your poison, take a step back and set some process with this talk to help you plan and organize your architectural choices.

10 Lessons in Microservices: a Utopian Mystery

Ten important lessons for any developer to keep in mind when it comes to architecture, and important context for working with other software teams in your organization.

Consistent, Thin, & Dumb: Redesigning the Spotify iOS App

Let’s explore a few lessons from architectural redesigns at some of the industry leaders in mobile. First up is Spotify’s lightweight, backend-driven approach!

Converting an App to Use Clean Architecture

Next, learn how Buffer adopted clean architecture principles to reduce bloat and increase test coverage and maintainability.

250 Days Shipping With Swift and VIPER

Massive-View-Controller syndrome got you down? Learn from Coursera’s VIPER implementation.

Going Reactive: An Architectural Journey

Finish out the learn-by-example round with Soundcloud’s Reactive Architecture.

MVC vs. MVP vs. MVVM on Android

The classic view architecture smackdown - this round is for Android devs!

Good iOS Application Architecture: MVVM vs. MVC vs. VIPER

Round two tagging in Swift devs! Which view architecture is the best?

Next Up: Mobile Architecture #1: Evolution in Action: Software Arch. as Systems Dissolve

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