New learning path - Lessons in RxJava

RxJava has been growing in popularity and can offer more stable and maintainable code, but it comes with a high learning curve and tradeoffs. This learning path covers both RxJava 1 and 2, but the lessons from both should give you a solid RxJava footing whether you want to dabble in Rx on the side or are thinking about adopting it with a larger team.

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Full 360 AnDev lineup ready to watch

Videos of all the talks are now out! Whether you didn’t make the conference or were there but still couldn’t catch all the concurrent awesomeness, now you can check them all out - incredible talks by experts like Yigit Boyar, Effie Barak, Kaushik Gopal, and many more!

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Explore Android-tailored learning paths

Dive deep into Android topics with curated learning paths that will spit you out the other end an expert in that area, like this Android Architecture learning path which provides a full course on architecture best practices for Android!

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Stay up on the latest in Android!

Android dev is changing at lightning speed with new innovations in architecture, libraries, and even language! Don’t miss the latest developments by following the latest tech talks and articles in Realm Academy, like this recent popular talk on ConstraintLayout by it’s creator Nicholas Roard!

Hot in Android - Advanced ConstraintLayout

Learning Path: Realm for Android

If you've wondered why people are using Realm for their Android apps, look no further. These talks and posts start you off with the power and simplicity of the Realm Mobile Database, then move on to showing you how to sync data with the Realm Mobile Platform.More >

Learning Path: Kotlin in Depth

Kotlin's blown up in popularity over the last year, and we're here to introduce you to it. From building a sample app to learning how it interacts with the JVM, these talks will bring you into the future of Android development.More >

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