Learning Path: Android Architecture

Android developers have a lot of competing architectures to choose from these days. Learn how to interrogate each debate — whether you’re deciding to use fragments or thinking about what MVVM is for.

Effective Android Architecture

Picking the right architecture is hard, and this talk offers a framework for making the right decision for you.

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MVC vs. MVP vs. MVVM on Android

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference between the dominant architectures are, this post is for you.

Going Reactive: An Architectural Journey

This story about Soundcloud’s embrace of functional reactive programming shows how deep a successful change must be.

Converting an App to Clean Architecture

To pay down technical debt, Buffer needed an architecture. MVP was their choice, and the fun began there.

Modern Android: Ditching Activities and Fragments

Getting rid of activities and fragments can free you up to pursue a novel, modern Android architecture.

Fragments: The Solution to All of Android’s Problems

Fragments are making a comeback. See how smaller, isolated fragments can actually help your code.

Functional on Android: Lambdas, Rx, and Streams in Your App

Effectively using functional patterns on Android is risky. Get an introduction to your functional tools here.

Next Up: Android Architecture #1: Effective Android Architecture

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