Build for offline-first experiences

Follow the steps on this learning path to learn about the advantages of an offline-first development strategy for both developers and engineering managers. We’ll look generally at the difficulties of mobile networking, compare different solutions for implementing an offline-first architecture, and finally dive deep into how Realm makes for a reliable offline-first app experience with minimal development effort.

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Cutting-edge architectural advice from mobile dev leaders

Realm Academy’s Architecture section is constantly being updated with new, cutting-edge talks on the latest mobile architecture best practices. This recently hot talk compares the competing view architectures in iOS!

What’s the best iOS app architecture?

Architectural learning paths

We’ve crafted several architecture-specific learning paths for different platforms and subtopics, and the collection is always growing. Check out the Mobile Architectures Explored path for a comprehensive course on all the mobile architecture options, and lessons from top companies in mobile!

Featured learning path - Mobile Architectures Explored

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