Top 5 Swift Meetup Videos of 2014

To celebrate the end of 2014, we’re pleased to present the most-viewed Swift videos from the Swift Language User Group (SLUG) Meetup in San Francisco.

Sit back, relax and enjoy these audience favorites!

Chris Eidhof

Creator of and Functional Programming in Swift

Functional Programming in Swift — You may already know how to solve a problem with OOP, but Swift makes it easy and convenient to use functional programming. In fact, some problems may even be easier to solve this way!

Watch Chris’ video

Natasha Murashev

iOS Engineer at Capital One and blogger at Natasha The Robot

Building TableViews in Swift & iOS8 — TableViews are the foundation of many iOS applications; Swift provides several unexplored patterns for approaching them. This talk covers not only the basics of TableViews, but also how to apply “Swift thinking” when approaching them in iOS8.

Watch Natasha’s video

Keith Smiley

Cocoa Developer at thoughtbot

Swift Thinking — This talk opens with a brief introduction to Swift, followed by a deep dive into key features, including operator overloading & JSON parsing.

Watch Keith’s video

Jonathan Blocksom

iOS Developer at Capital One

Swift and Objective-C: Best Friends Forever? — Swift was not designed in a vacuum; working with the rich history of Objective-C frameworks was a critical part of the design.This talk covers how you can work with both languages in one project, including what works well and common pitfalls.

Watch Jonathan’s video

Austin Zheng

Senior Software Engineer at LinkedIn

Lessons Learned Building “2048” in Swift — This talk is based on Austin’s experience porting the game 2048 from Objective-C into Swift. He covers concepts essential to building games, including the backing store, game logic, and views.

Watch Austin’s video

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Natasha Murashev

Natasha is secretly a robot that loves to learn about Swift and iOS development. She previously worked as a senior iOS Engineer at Capital One in San Francisco, but now she travels around, writing about her experiences with new technologies. In her free time, she works on personal projects, speaks at meetups and conferences, contributes to open source, and likes to cross things off her bucket list.

Chris Eidhof

Chris Eidhof is the author of many iOS and OS X applications, including Deckset and Scenery. He has also written extensively on the subject, from his personal blog to to a variety of books. He formerly ran UIKonf, and still runs frequently.

Austin Zheng

Austin writes software and tries to spend his time learning new things. Sometimes he’ll write about these new things on his blog.

Jonathan Blocksom

Keith Smiley

Keith is an iOS engineer at Lyft in San Francisco. Previously, he coded at Thoughtbot, and has occasionally clicked the big green button for CocoaPods.

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