The Superpowers of the Realm Database

The Realm Database is a new kind of mobile database that’s been built from the ground up to power present-day applications. It’s an easy mistake to think that Realm is built on top of an existing technology, or that it’s just a modern rewrite of another library.

In this series, we’re going to look at a few aspects which set Realm apart from other technologies. If you’ve heard of Realm but don’t know much about what makes it special, these posts are for you.

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Part 1: Realm is an Object-Centric, Present-Day Database for Mobile Applications


To get started, let’s examine how Realm’s own database engine is built for performance and robustness. We highlight some of the benefits of Realm’s database engine and the native classes it lets developers work with.

Part 2: The Realm API is Optimized for Performance and Low Memory Use


What does the Realm Database do in its SDKs to help you have more performant and robust code? Learn about the Realm API classes that optimize for this, and some of the foundation classes that make using the database a breeze in any of the star programming languages we support.

Part 3: Realm Offers a Multi-Platform Database - Across the Apple Ecosystem and Android


Learn about using the Realm Database across Apple and Android. We look at some of the multi-platform aspects of the the database and the high reusability of the code across devices.

Part 4: The Realm SDK allows for clean and easy separation of concerns

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A technology you would rely on should allow you to be flexible but also help good practices in your own code. In this post we are going to look at how the Realm SDK allows for easy and clean separation of the data, presentation, and view layers of an app.

Part 5: Fine Grained Notifications, Empowering Partial UI Updates


When presenting real-time data in your app you might want to get notified about changes in the underlaying data model with different granularity. Sometimes a simple “the collection has changed” notification is enough, but when you want to do partial updates to your UI, use animations or other effects - Realm’s Fine Grained Notifications are the secret sauce of success.

Part 6: Modern Day Strategies


In this post we are going to reflect on all of the topics covered throughout the series. We are going to look into the combination of all of the powerful topics we’ve discussed and how by using them all you develop apps by using leaner, modern strategies.

Next Up: What makes Realm different #1: Realm is an Object-Centric Modern Database for Mobile Apps

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