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Contextual Communication in a Connected World

Communication is critical to the success of modern. With the rise of smart homes and smart cars and even smart toasters, it’s time for smart communication. In today’s connected world we shouldn’t have to navigate complex phone trees just to reschedule a flight. Imagine a customer support rep that already knows the problem you’re facing before you even call. Context is key and our apps can provide the context to both sides of the conversation. This pain-free communication is achievable today. You’ll leave this session knowing not only why but how modern communication will transform business forever.

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About the content

This talk was delivered live in June 2016 at AltConf. The video was recorded, produced, and transcribed by Realm, and is published here with the permission of the conference organizers.

Brent Schooley

Brent is a Developer Evangelist for Twilio representing the Philadelphia metro. His interests include client and mobile application development and user experience design with an emphasis on cross-platform mobile applications and client-side JavaScript frameworks. Brent is the author of Designing for Windows 8, a Windows 8 design primer from Apress.

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