Writing a Technical Book - The Survival Guide

Writing a technical book is generally viewed as a labor of love, since the economics of it tend to be pretty bad. As with many things viewed as a labor of love, they can be emotionally draining and its important to practice self-care throughout the process. We will examine some of the different tools frequently used and how this can shape the writing process, common sources of stress, methods to handle deadlines, the benefits and downsides of having co-authors, and techniques to survive the process. This talk is based on my experiences writing two books on the same topic (solo & as a co-author) with two different publishers (Packt & O’Reilly) as well as conversations with other technical authors at a variety of publishers.

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This talk was recorded at AltConf 2015. Watch all the videos!

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Holden Karau

Holden Karau is a software development engineer and is active in the open source sphere. She has worked on a variety of search, classification, and distributed systems problems at Databricks, Google, Foursquare, and Amazon. She graduated from the University of Waterloo with a bachelor’s of mathematics degree in computer science. Other than software, she enjoys playing with fire and hula hoops, and welding.

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