WWDC 2016, the Developer Perspective


Top Devs Share Their Reactions to WWDC 2016

30 top developers share their reactions to WWDC 2016!


Dave Verwer

Dave is thrilled to see Playgrounds for iPad this year and think about their future, which brings him back to his beginnings with Pascal.


Benji Encz

Benji disambiguates the all-Swift Foundation and the Foundation mapping layer in Xcode 8, and fills us in on the news in the latter. He also summarizes the newest debugging tools in Xcode 8.


Natasha Murashev

Natasha has been having fun at the family reunion that is WWDC, meeting people from all over the world & learning about unbundled apps.


Kristina Thai

Kristina is optimistic about possibilities for developers on watchOS, plus her secret history as a figure skater.

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Andy Matuschak

Andy covers extension experience, the possibility of instant apps, teaching Swift on an iPad (or what we should even be doing in that area), and more, all from a very thoughtful perspective. “What should it do?”


Ben Sandofsky

Ben is into upcoming RAW photo support, Metal improvements, and improved tooling in Xcode.


Nacho Soto

Nacho likes the small improvements to Xcode, and the small Xcode on iPads.


Sash Zats

Sash has advice for all first-time WWDC attendees: go to the labs!


Hector Matos

Hector is awaiting more powerful generics in Swift, and has quite possibly the most interesting origin story we’ve ever heard.


Patrick Reynolds

Patrick wants to pause animations and just see his lock screen without Touch ID breezing past it this fall.


Michele Titolo

Michele thinks you should appreciate the new Swift tooling & theater majors., both of which will help you to work better.


Javi Soto

Javi is looking closely at the new notification APIs, and is already looking ahead at how they will evolve in the future.


Bryan Irace

Bryan likes the ways that Apple is becoming more open to developers affecting the experience at an OS level, but thinks the devil will be in the details.


Jeff Hui

Jeff is testing all of the betas, and LOVING IT. He’s also into APFS and SF Mono.


Jesse Squires

Jesse is actually glad that Apple is Sherlocking so many things, and finally improving Core Data.


Samuel Giddins

Sam is already planning a neural network–powered Twitterbot on device, because he likes using new tech in fun ways!


JP Simard

JP is happy about new developers coming to Playgrounds on iPad, & experienced developers getting stable, usable APIs from Apple.


Orta Therox

Orta will sorely miss Xcode plugins, but already loves how open Playgrounds on iPad are.


Russ Bishop

Russ nerds out over APFS & Xcode extensions, plus tries to get us all to file more Radars.


Ayaka Nonaka

Ayaka had a great experience working with Swift engineers, both at the labs & on Twitter. She’s also learned by writing a Swift blog.


Greg Heo

Greg is already excited about all the different extensions & SiriKit, and how users can have a seamless experience across devices.


Wendy Lu

Wendy covers the news about Apple Pay, and writing your way to being a better engineer.


Ryan Nystrom

Ryan looks forward to the updates for watchOS & UICollectionView prefetching, then looks back to his time in the calculator game black market.


Adam Bell

Adam Bell gushes about new animation APIs, Playgrounds on the iPad, & all the other developer toys from WWDC.


Matt Bischoff

Matt catches us up on the many changes to iOS he’s looking forward to using, and the benefits of Apple writing their own Swift.


Tim Oliver

Tim can’t wait for instant watchOS apps, as fast as the game mods he learned to code with.


Radek Pietruszewski

Radek wants an easier way to keep up to date with the swift-evolution emails, but loves the new iOS 10 notifications.


Austin Zheng

Austin recounts his experiences helping in the Swift standard library & learning to code in Visual BASIC.


Peter Steinberger

Peter gets excited about the new file system, watchOS 3, & Xcode security.


Daniel Jalkut

Daniel talks integrating Swift into an old codebase & learning to code from magazines.

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