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Swift Language User Group WWDC Swift Panel 2016

Swift is barely two years old, but an amazing amount has happened with the language and in the community in that time. Realm’s Cocoa lead JP Simard brings together Natasha the Robot, Ben Sandofsky, Ayaka Nonaka, and Jesse Squires as they discuss the evolution of Swift over the past two years and what they’re looking forward to in Swift 3 and beyond.

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JP Simard

JP works at Realm on the Objective-C & Swift bindings, creator of jazzy (the documentation tool Apple forgot to release) and enjoys hacking on Swift tooling.

Natasha Murashev

Natasha is secretly a robot that loves to learn about Swift and iOS development. She previously worked as a senior iOS Engineer at Capital One in San Francisco, but now she travels around, writing about her experiences with new technologies. In her free time, she works on personal projects, speaks at meetups and conferences, contributes to open source, and likes to cross things off her bucket list.

Ayaka Nonaka

Ayaka leads the iOS team at Venmo, where they write only Swift these days. She’s been doing iOS development since iOS 4 and loves writing Swift while listening to Taylor Swift. In the past, she’s given talks on NLP in Swift, Swift Scripting, and rewriting the Venmo app in Swift. She was born in Tokyo and was super excited to give her first talk there! 宜しくお願いします。

Ben Sandofsky

Ben Sandofsky builds apps, advises startups, and teaches with CodePath. He has shipped software for over a decade, from tiny startups to giant enterprise companies. He spent over four years at Twitter; among other projects, he was tech lead for Twitter for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Last year he was a technical consultant for HBO’s Silicon Valley.

Jesse Squires

Jesse is an iOS developer at Instagram who writes about Swift and Objective‑C on his blog at jessesquires.com. He’s the curator of the Swift Weekly Brief newsletter and co-host of the Swift Unwrapped podcast. He is fueled primarily by black coffee and black metal.

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