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Swift Class

July 12th marked the inaugural Swift Language User Group Hackday, held in San Francisco. The day kicked off with a two hour class taught by JP Simard. He began with an adapted version of a previous talk on Swift that focused on new features in the language. For the remainder of the class, JP led a walkthrough that focused on building a to-do app in Swift.

After a brief lunch break, the space transformed into a Swift hackathon, with participants splitting off into small project groups. The day wrapped up with a show & tell of what groups had been working on and neat things they had learned. Thanks again to our sponsors: objc.io, Sinch, and Treehouse for providing prizes!

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JP Simard

JP works at Realm on the Objective-C & Swift bindings, creator of jazzy (the documentation tool Apple forgot to release) and enjoys hacking on Swift tooling.

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