Highlights from Realm Live at WWDC and AltConf

Going through dub-dub withdrawal? Already counting down the days to WWDC 2018?

Relive that most glorious of weeks for iOS developers with a selection of interviews and livestreamed talks from top iOS devs about their reactions to Apple’s announcements as well as deeper insights into their areas of expertise.

AltConf Livestreamed Talks:

Realm Live Interviews:

AltConf Livestreamed Talks

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WWDC Keynote Panel


Mohammad Azam: Taming the Massive Controllers

iOS development architecture is based on the MVC pattern (Model-View-Controller). MVC allows for separation of concerns, with the controller being responsible for orchestrating the flow of the application. Unfortunately, many times the controller becomes the point of neglect, and grows out of control. In this session, you’ll discover how to tame the massive beast: the controller. Together, we’ll start with an out-of-control controller and work our way around to making it light and lean. This session involves live coding with a minimal slide deck.


Greg Heo: Thirteen Ways Of Looking At A View Controller

View controllers: we know them, love them, despise them, and overload them. As iOS developers, we struggle with the balance of maintaining small components against the complexity of our applications. While we know massive view controllers are bad, they’re so easy to write! In this session, we’ll explore the various uses and abuses of view controllers in search of a better way of structuring our applications. Would love to make this a half-sized ~22 minute session, but the topic is big enough to fill 45 minutes if need be.


Daniel Steinberg: Why the Func


Kristina Thai: Challenging Your Assumptions

“Well, most users will have 3D touch by the next iPhone” “I doubt many visually impaired people even use our product anyway” “Sarah didn’t say anything during our meeting so she doesn’t seem to have an opinion on the architecture design” “Don’t worry, users will get it once they use it” As developers we make assumptions every day. However as Alan Alda stated “Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in awhile, or the light won’t come in.” Whether it is about your users or your teammates, our perceived thoughts drive how we approach software development - for better or worse. This talk will walk through some of the most common assumptions iOS engineers encounter and discuss ways we can learn to think more inclusively when it comes to both feature and app development, as well as within our own teams. We’ll also cover some strategies on how to keep an open mind when approaching these kinds of topics.


Alicia Carr: Is it too Late to Learn How to Program, and How Being a Developer Changed My Life

Alicia talks about how and why she wanted to be an iOS mobile developer at the age of 51. How a 16 year inspire her to learn to code and the challenges she faced after becoming an iOS developer being the first self taught African American woman mobile developer to create a domestic violence app dedicated to helping victims escape abuse and how Apple found her and highlight her at WWDC 2015 and 2016 keynote event. Some people want to believe that people her age are out of touch with technology and as a woman with that being said we the tech community need to change how we support each other.


Manu Rink: The Secret Life of Types in Swift

As we expected Apple to give us Obj-C 3.0 over two years ago, something entirely surprising happened: we got a new language - Swift. At first glance it already looked very different because of the modern code syntax. But the second glance was even more frightening - the strict and strong type system which is so very different to Obj-C. This talk takes an under-the-hood deep dive into the Swift type system’s structure and gives tips how to use it in a proper way - without having the continuous feeling that it keeps you from reaching you goal and is constantly in your way. You’ll like it - for sure!


Meghan Kane: Bringing Machine Learning to your iOS Apps

Machine learning is a vast topic that it can seem daunting to get started. However, as app developers, we do not need to be experts to utilize the ML tools available to enhance our apps. Using machine learning in our apps can help us better understand our users so that we can build a better product for them 🔨😎. This talk will cover: 1. Brief overview of foundational ML concepts (neural networks, training, inference) 2. Examples of how machine learning could help enhance your app and when it is practical 3. Where training vs inference occur - training is computationally too expensive to do on device for now - inference can be done on device using pre-trained model - examples of architecture setups you can have for where training and inference are done (own machines vs cloud vs MLaaS provider vs device) 4. What’s currently available from Apple & 3rd parties + DEMO - Apple released 2 APIs, both using convolutional neural networks which are most suitable for describing objects in a given photo > Accelerate BNNS (CPU): Basic Neural Network Subroutines > MPSCNN (GPU): ⚡️ Metal ⚡️🤘 Performance Shader Convolutional Neural Networks - DEMO with code samples of how to use them - What the future may hold(!!). Apple hired many ML experts over the past year, acquired Turi, and started making their own GPUs, so it seems like they are heavily investing in this direction. During the week of AltConf / WWDC, new exciting advancements may come out, and I’d like to touch on how these can be utilized. 5. Tools for learning more about ML - Resources for learning more about the different topics in ML, and an effective strategy to get there quickly (recommended blog posts, TWinML podcast, open source pre-trained models from TensorFlow and others, sample code, Stanford ML Coursera course for more theory background)

Realm Live Interviews


Tim Oliver on the Realm Apple Roadmap


Daniel Steinberg on Teaching and Learning iOS


Adam Bell’s Hot Take on the SOTU, as well as UI and Animation


Leah Culver on Authentication, Security, and Open Standards


Jeff Bergier Talks Design in iOS 11


Andyy Hope Gives Another Perspective on Design


Meghan Kane on Machine Learning for iOS Devs


Greg Heo on the State of Reactive Programming in Swift in 2017


Manu Rink on Cross-Platform Development for iOS Developers

Next Up: New Features in Realm Obj-C & Swift

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