How Indoor Location Will Change Your User Experience

Indoor location is here (in iOS 9 it might even be out of beta!) and it is going to change the way your users will interact with your software and their environment. Since 2011 Art Processors have been working with indoor location to change the way visitors to cultural institutions change the way they interact with the space. In 2011 they wrote The O for MONA (in Hobart, Tasmania) used by over 1.5 million visitors to the gallery since to self navigate through the space, learning to love (and hate) the artworks as they went. We’ve helped create interactive plays at zoos, automated audio discovery experiences at museums and other fun stuff, all involving indoor location. In this session Scott will give a rundown on the current state of play of indoor location and how it goes beyond iBeacons to allow you to engage with your users in new and novel ways.

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This talk was recorded at AltConf 2015. Watch all the videos!

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Scott Brewer

Scott Brewer

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