Building Habits: Keeping Users Engaged

So you’ve got some downloads but downloads don’t necessarily equate to active users. How can you engage a first time user? How can you keep them coming back to your app? In this talk I’ll cover the science behind how to create habits and how to apply it to apps. I’ll be looking at: -Building habits -Joyful first experiences -The awesome power of email -Deep-linking -Pushing for good -Helpful help sections This session would be helpful for pretty much anyone involved in making apps - from developers to designers to marketers.

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This talk was recorded at AltConf 2015. Watch all the videos!

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Sally Shepard

Sally is an iOS developer, consultant & speaker. She loves working on accessibility, which led her to successfully kickstart Inclusive Tools. She likes to spend her free time working on cat wearables with her pet/tester, Pavlo.

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