Being Nice in Open Source

The ruby world has a phrase, ‘Matz is Nice So We Are Nice.’ Matz is the nickname for the creator of the ruby language. He is nice. So the community should be too. Given the lack of transparency from Apple around the direction of our toolset we don’t really have anyone to use as an example. This talk is about people in the community who are nice, who have done cool things, to say thanks and to steal some ideas from them.

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This talk was recorded at AltConf 2015. Watch all the videos!

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Orta Therox

Orta is the lead iOS developer at Artsy, building beautiful portfolio apps for some of the biggest Art galleries in the world. Encouraged by Artsy’s awesome commitment to open source, he regularly devotes time to working on and around the CocoaPods ecosystem, building tools like CocoaDocs, maintaining the Specs repository, and pruning documentation. If the CocoaPods team had fancy titles, he’d probably be called a community manager.

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