Practical Declarative Programming

A practical introduction to declarative programming and how it can be applied to the real world. The talk will cover functional programming concepts, which allows you to write clearer, declarative and testable code. Along with lightly touching on reactive functional programming. Usually, functional programming is taught by abstract functional techniques. Which are often hard to relate and understand the real benefits. Instead this talk goes for a different approach by showing examples of unfunctional, imperative code that people write every day and how we can translate that to a functional declarative style. This talk is not a talk on reactive/functional programming, it will just cover how these styles allow us to write declarative code (note: it would a great talk to have before a talk on ReactiveCocoa or such).

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This talk was recorded at AltConf 2015. Watch all the videos!

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Kyle Fuller

Kyle is a developer from the UK. He’s been working in open source for a lot of time. Software Developer. Creator of Palaver, a beautiful IRC client for iPhone and iPad. Part of the core team in open source projects such as CocoaPods, Pelican, and many others.

From his own words: “I craft beautiful applications and developer tools. Mostly focusing on iPhone and iPad. Active in many open source communities”


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