What Haskell Teaches Me About Swift

I knew Haskell before Swift, and these are some of the things that I’ve been able to bring to writing Swift. - Immutable objects and less reliance on state. - Passing functions, and partially applied functions around as well as values. - Short, pure, composable functions. - Patterns (dare I say the word “Monad”) which are not as scary as they sound. - Less of a reliance on OOP practices; values and functions that transform those values into other values is sometimes a better option than objects with methods that mutate them. - Strong types and type driven development are good things, not something fight against. - map, applicative, bind are big words for simple concepts that are easily understood and can be elegantly applied. - I want people to embrace these changes rather than be intimidated by them. Just because they are unfamiliar, doesn’t make them complex.

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