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Finally, Automation Magic for both iOS and macOS

The dream of automation between iOS and macOS has remained elusive for years. Until now. Find out how The Omni Group has taken an alternative approach, based on JavaScript Core, to automate Omni’s suite of productivity applications for macOS and iOS with real, object-model scripting support comparable to the traditional automation tools of OS X. Learn how OmniJS enables true “write-once” cross-platform automation, delivered through plugins, libraries, menus and user-assigned action triggers. Find out how its JavaScript lineage leads OmniJS to seamlessly integrate with the classic JavaScript DOM, and how a tap can trigger transfer and manipulation of data into an Omni app document. Join Sal Soghoian for an overview of the next step in Automation, and bring your Macbook and/or iPad. OmniJS sparkles on both!

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About the content

This talk was delivered live in June 2017 at AltConf. The video was recorded, produced, and transcribed by Realm, and is published here with the permission of the conference organizers.

Sal Soghoian

Sal Soghoian is a user automation expert and evangelist, software developer, author and musician. Sal served as product manager for automation technologies for Apple from 1997 to 2016. At Apple, he advanced a wide range of user automation technologies including: UNIX CLI (shell, python, ruby, perl), System Services, Apple Events, JavaScript, AppleScript, AppleScriptObj-C, Scripting Bridge, Automator, Apple Configurator, the Master for iTunes tools, Dictation Commands, and application scripting support for Photos, iWork, Finder, Mail, Notes, and other Apple applications.

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