Leo realm and rxjava

Realm과 RxJava

Realm 개발자 김용욱님이 Realm에서 RxJava가 어떻게 구현이 되어있는지를 GDG Korea 안드로이드 Rx 세미나에서 설명한 내용입니다.

Realm과 RxJava

  1. 비동기와 MVCC
  2. 의존성과 Provided
  3. Observable 생성을 위한 팩토리
  4. Realm 옵저버블 분석
  5. 옵저버블의 얼개
  6. RealmResults 옵저버블 분석

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Leonardo YongUk Kim is a software developer with extensive experience in mobile and embedded projects, including: several WIPI modules, iOS projects, a scene graph engine for Android, an Android tablet, a client utility for black boxes, and some mini games using Cocos2d-x. He has also developed many open source projects.

Additionally, Leonardo has been an organizer of GDG Korea Android for the last several years. To date, he has organized conferences, codelabs, hackathons, and meetups.

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